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Edward Pascuzzi
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Discover how fun and exciting elementary physics can be, and where you'll find it around you in everyday life.

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Click on the colored questions in each caption after you've thought about them to check your answers.

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Electrostatics is surprisingly shocking.  A large negative charge accumulates as a result of contact with a Van de Graaf generator, thus causing...a bad hair day!
Will their hair stay this way after they remove their hands?

balloon1xx.jpg (87212 bytes)

A popping balloon caught in action!   Notice how the tear moves from the right to the left, and
that the balloon maintains its shape
during the duration of the pop (which lasts a few milliseconds).

What information do we need to find the speed of the rip? How can it be done?

footballimpulse2.jpg (29087 bytes)

Impulses are extremely useful in sports! Notice the elastic property of the football.     
What would change if the kicker did not run several yards before kicking the ball? In how
many other sports does
this same effect probably occur?

totality1x.jpg (17739 bytes)

The Sun's magnetic field shapes the solar corona, as shown in this total solar eclipse
image taken on Aruba, 1998

Why should the corona trace these field lines? What is it about the material of the Sun's
atmosphere that allows this to happen?

757glory3X.jpg (18097 bytes)
rainbow1X.jpg (30568 bytes)

White light can be dispersed into its component colors by water droplets as seen
from either the air looking down on a cloud (called a "glory", top image) or from

the ground (bottom image) yielding a rainbow.  A lens or prism will do the same thing. 

Have you ever noticed a laser do this? Why or why not?

AntiSun1XX.jpg (6449 bytes) AntiSun3XX.jpg (6054 bytes)
AntiSun2XX.jpg (6526 bytes) AntiSun4XX.jpg (6736 bytes)

At sunrise or sunset, the Sun's usual spherical shape is distorted by a lensing effect
of Earth's atmosphere, causing a "squashed"
sun.  This lensing effect also causes an
inverted (real) image of the Sun to appear to meet the actual sun (called the
Why does the Sun not appear perfectly circular when it is near the horizon, as shown here?

AOMlanding2X.jpg (27238 bytes)

Altering the shape of a jet's wings permits it to maintain lift as its speed reduces on
approach to landing, as shown here by this DC-10 about to land on a runway that
begins where this beach ends!
Is the plane in static or dynamic equilibrium?

gakids2XX.jpg (32510 bytes) freefall2.jpg (10372 bytes)

Physics Day at Six Flags Great Adventure is where students test the laws of physics
in many ways.

Is the Freefall ride really freefall? 

CircRide1XX.jpg (25725 bytes)
CircRide2XX.jpg (34134 bytes)

Circular motion in action!  After an approximate 6 second exposure, these amusement
park rides make an impressive image when shot
right at dusk.
Who is moving faster, the person near the center, or someone on the outside edge? 
Is a person on the ride
accelerating if the ride spins at constant speed?

        These are just a few real-world examples in which you can experience the curiosity and fun of Physics all around you. It is the science of Physics which holds you, your world, our Solar System and the Universe together.  Where can you spot Physics in action?  Click on the links above or just browse to discover for yourself and find out!

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